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Canadians need travel insurance which is cost effective and offers protection for you and your family. In general travel insurance is an important aspect to remember when booking a vacation, flight, cruise or whenever you leave Canada.  There are a number of things which can go wrong and being protected is important for you and your family.   We strongly recommend Manulife Travel insurance over the other travel insurance companies because they offer comprehensive travel insurance with options like medical, baggage, interruption, cancellation, annual insurance and visitors to Canada insurance. Manulife insurance is competitively priced by a company who has been in business for over 80 years. Read about the different types of travel insurance and the Manulife travel insurance product guide for more information about travel insurance.

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Some credit cards now offer you ‘free’ travel insurance when you book a flight or vacation using the credit card but be aware of what your coverage includes.  Attached is a link from Manulife insurance which details the different credit card insurance available and which coverage is included.  Be sure to double check with your credit card company in case there are any changes made to their policies.


Some companies also offer their employees insurance when travelling.   Be sure to check with your employer to determine what you’re coverage includes.

Each province in Canada has different coverage when travelling outside of your province.  It is important to understand that you are NOT covered when you travel outside the country and are considerably limited concerning your coverage.  We have outlined your health coverage depending on which province you reside in.

There is also a travel insurance guide which details the coverage, rules and restrictions to your travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance coverage for Canadians

For Canadians travelling outside of Canada, coverage for EMERGENCY or SUDDEN ILLNESS will be provided at province rates only, in Canadian currency. The cost for insured services may be considerably higher outside Canada. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the fee charged and the amount paid by the Department. Therefore, residents visiting other countries are advised to obtain private medical insurance for the period during which they are absent from your province in Canada. .

When travelling elsewhere in Canada, you are covered for EMERGENCY or SUDDEN ILLNESS. You are not covered for non-emergency services while outside of the province.

British Columbia
Alberta                                                         Saskatchewan
Manitoba                                                      Ontario
Quebec                                                         Nova Scotia
New Brunswick                                             Prince Edward Island
Yukon                                                           Newfoundland
Northwest Territories                                  Nunavut

Health insurance is available to Canadians in Canada but does NOT include insurance when traveling outside the country and limited even leaving your province. Be sure to purchase travel insurance whenever you leave the Canada and protect yourself, your family and your travel plans. 

There are many reasons why travel insurance is the most important thing to pack when travelling.  You can view testimonials of customers who share their experience when travelling abroad and how having insurance helped them



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